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Survey Analysis Case Study

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Marketing Analytics Case Study

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Tableau Quick Start

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Power BI Quick Start

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Excel Quick Start

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Analytics Foundations

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John David Ariansen, MBA

John David Ariansen is a practicing professor who is the founder of Silvertone Analytics. He teaches at Greensboro College and High Point University and is on the advisory board of Greensboro College.

College Professor

John David has created 3 college courses that focus on teaching students analytics. In his analytics minor capstone course at Greensboro College he facilitates real world student consulting engagements.

Analytics Consultancy Founder

Analytics is a consulting agency that focuses on data governance, analytics implementation and helping businesses drive their strategy with data. 

Podcast Host

John David hosts a weekly podcast where he interviews analytics experts to help the audience understand both hard skills and soft skills required to land their next analytics job. 

What Our Students Have to Say

I found the Retail Sales Case Study very insightful as it exposed me to working with real data, efficient ways of visualizing results and getting response from a recruiter. It's an experience I would recommend to everyone who wants to grow in Data Analysis.
Moses Adinfono
From Nigeria
I really enjoyed this course and how John David walked through how an analyst should look at sales detail with a detective’s eye. This course is very detailed and easy to understand. At the end we are free as students to adjust the dashboard to our preferences which I find quite valuable.
Abe Diaz
From Florida, USA

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Check Out Our Podcast

In Season 2 of the “How to Get an Analytics Job” podcast John David brought 15 Analytics Experts into the classroom(via zoom) to talk to his Analytics Minor Capstone class at Greensboro College.

Each week the Analytics Expert:

  1. Gave a Guest Lecture
  2. Conducted an Interactive Activity
  3. Answered a Q&A Segment