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Uncover Insights In Retail Sales Data

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In this course you’ll get access to retail sales data. You’ll walk through analyzing the data, uncovering insights, and building out dashboards for your personal portfolio.

John David Ariansen, MBA

Practicing Professor & Analytics Consultant


Amazing Course

The Sales Analytics Case study course was a very well organized course. On the whole it was a great experience for me as it has given me a valuable portfolio project for my personal branding. I am looking forward to following courses.
Deepak Holla

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Approx 1 Week
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In this course you will learn the basics of retail sale analysis. This includes the business acumen (how the business works) and how to identify the main KPIs. You’ll also be leveraging Tableau Public as the data visualization tool to help you uncover insights hidden in the dimensions of each KPI.

Through this course you’ll receive an overview of the fundamentals of Tableau. You’ll be creating visualizations and combining them into interactive dashboards. These dashboards are the infrastructure that decision makers in a business can use to uncover insights and make better, data-informed decisions.

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What Our Students Have To Say

I found the Retail Sales Case Study very insightful as it exposed me to working with real data, efficient ways of visualizing results and getting response from a recruiter. It's an experience I would recommend to everyone who wants to grow in Data Analysis.
Moses Adinfono
I really enjoyed this course and how John David walked through how an analyst should look at sales detail with a detective’s eye.
Abe Diaz
Florida, USA

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