Analytics Career Services

Want to advance your analytics career?

Our career services program helps develop business acumen, reinforces your analytics skills and helps you build a professional analytics portfolio. 

The Problem With Most Career Service Offerings

The typical case load of a College Advisor is 256 students per semester.

This means that they can not realistically give much individualized attention to any one student. Compounding the issue is that career services professionals are also spread across all college departments so they do not have industry specifical knowledge.

Our Solution

We take a three tiered approach to education:
  1. Pre-Recorded Asynchronous Lectures
  2. Resume and Portfolio Development
  3. Expert One on One Coaching focusing on Technical Skills, Mock Interviews, Salary Negotiation and Interviewing

Program Outline


We take a three tiered approach to career services – prerecorded content, group lectures and one on one coaching.

The core curriculum will focus on Analytics Fundamentals, Excel, Power BI and Tableau. You will have access to 6 case studies with real (or realistic) data to use to build your portfolio. 

Meet Your Instructor